Keyword is the most valuable asset of a business. Choosing the right keywords can bring you flow of traffic. On the other hand, choosing the wrong keywords bring you disaster. Through proper keywords you can reach to your target audience and also can give a tough competition to your opponent. Advance Keyword research is even more complicated but a high value resource for a company.

What is Advance Keyword Search

In advance keyword research we try to analyze the competitors weakness and strength and try to incorporate them into our side. Though it is time consuming and lengthy process. It helps you to go ahead of your competitor and put your best foot forward. This is a very smart but tricky tactic .Tricky in that sense every next company is following the same method. It needs a lot of research and strategy to find the right keyword.

Having said that the importance of keywords are not as much as it was few years back. Earlier
contents packed with keywords was considered a good website and ranked in top position. In today’s date this is not enough. Though the keyword is still very much needed but search engine doesn’t only consider keyword anymore. There are other factors also, like how it fits with the content, whether it is unnecessarily stuffed, the impact of the keyword in the target audience.

Before finalizing keyword we have to know who the target audience are, how they react in particular word, their taste and mentality. No matter how good your keyword is if it does not appeal your target, it’s a complete waste of time and money. It needs a good survey before finalizing the keyword. Though Job is not done yet, only picking right keyword is not all, poorly written content won’t help the website at all. The keywords should properly match and blend with the well written relevant content of the site. It should not look superficial in any ways.