Click path optimization is a vital part of SEO. We all love to have a free flaw, hassle free website, where the users get maximum satisfaction. On the other hand and websites get their maximum business. but this process is not as simple as it looks. A click path is a sequence of hyperlinks, one or more visitors follows on a given site, which is presented in order. Click path is a term that is mainly used in online marketing as well as conversion optimization.

A visitor’s click path may start within the website or a third person’s website. Click path is a lane which a user travel through from entering to the exiting of the page. click path is often considered for optimization of the webpage. Through click path a web master can follow the source of entry page, the length of the page, time spending on the website, bounce rate of home page. With the help of the information they target individual audience more effectively than before. The number of pages a visitor views are also important in click path optimization. The length of a click path is as well an indicator of an effective search engine. It monitors each and every steps a user takes to reach the specific goal on a website.

Click path optimization is an ongoing process which needs to be upgraded frequently.In the world of e-commerce, click path plays an important role. The information that is collected through key path helps advertiser to make personal profile. The longer the click path the more information the user get. On the other hand, too long can be a disappointment. A page depth of four layer is standard, meaning users need to click maximum four times to get into desired pages.

Advantage of Click Path Optimization

  • Click path helps to get inside the user’s mind and find out what they are thinking.
  • It tracks down all conversation engendered from one’s online advertising and link them back to exact Keywords.
  • A click path shows whether the website is including the fair amount of information on the page.
  • It opens the window of opportunity to recognize the search terms that are priceless for the website.
  • Helps to redesign the page that is convenient to the users.
  • The data can be used for personalized product offering.
  • It contains information about user’s goals, interest and knowledge which can help to predict their future action.
  • Helps advertisers to construct personal profile and use them to target customers more efficiently.
  • It also helps to tailor made the website to target the right audience.
  • In addition, it helps to compete with competitor by following the users’ movement.
  • Disadvantage of Click Path Optimization

  • Click path tries to regulate user’s movement
  • It forces users to follow certain path.
  • More importantly it is sometime responsible for hacking also.
  • As we can see, click path is a great help for webmasters. On the other hand, more precautions should be needed to protect the customer privacy.