Off-page optimization is equally important as on-page optimization. Proper blending of on-page and off-page optimization makes a website successful. It is part of the SEO which is done outside of the website boundary to improve the website ranking in search engine. This is a continuous process where one thing leads to another then to another. Off-page optimization is sometime overlooked by the website owners ,that is a very big mistake. Sometimes it become too late and the loss is immense. The algorithm of SERP is changing in such a rapid way ,one minute delay cost gravely. As the market is shifting in the virtual direction, the competition is getting higher and higher.

Search engine is becoming smarter and wants to provide the best to the user. For that search engine has its own measuring tools like it takes a good look how others perceives the website. Getting links from other sites, get mentions on various media, shared and bookmarked, these all are the indication of a Quality website. It works mostly in the background and have very little authority of the website owner. That is another reason why SERP give it such importance. It reflects others’ point of view for your site.

Off-page Optimization technique

Link building :Link building is most popular way for off-page optimization. The more link you get from outside the more popular your website is. More the backlink, better the website . Most effective way to link building is to write the content in the manner that the other site will get so engrossed that they have no other choice than providing link.

There are some common ways of link building are:

Blog-Directories: It is sort of similar to yellow page, but each entry have it’s impact on raking.

Forum signature: There are many people comments on forum in the hope to get a link in return.

Commenting: Commenting is also a process of link building where one writes into another blogs so that they can also get a link back. Here people can use any name instead of their name they can use key words.

Article Directories: This is another way of link building. People submit articles into article directory and in return get a link, but they only accept those articles whose contents are real.

Share Content Directories: Some websites like imfobarrel let others to write articles in their sites in return to dispense some links.

Link exchange schemes The another way to get link is exchange scheme. In this process one web master take into confidence to other web master and exchange links from each others website. Sometimes it become even more complicated when they apply third party scheme. In this process first party gives link to second party, but second party has so offer the link to the first party from a third party.

Social Media:Another way to generate traffic is social media platform. Though no follow links are seen in social media optimization, it is an important element. It includes posting SEO friendly contents.

The other ways of Off-page optimization are :

Social Book Marking: It is a centralized online service which provides users the opportunity to add, comment, edit and share bookmarks of web document. Tagging is also a part of bookmark. This is a proven way of attracting a huge crowd. It is done by promoting your blogs on some famous sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.Though it is a lengthy and time consuming process. It is next to impossible to have even a decent ranking without Off-page optimization.

If search engine is a marathon , then all the websites are runners. On-page and Off-page are the two legs of a website If one gets hurt or become weaker then the runner will be kicked away from the race. The synchronization between these two legs is mandatory . If one of them gets out of track or become weaker then the ranking drops. In other words low ranking means less traffic, means less sell. Therefore, it is imperative to take proper care of Off-page optimization along side with On-page optimization. It is next to impossible to have even a decent ranking without Off-page optimization. On the other hand having some good links or recommendations from reputed site makes it value double in SERP.

Search engine is very alert as well as smart. Never ever try to trick them. It will only give you reward in the form of penalty. Try to remain as clean as possible while doing Off-page optimization. This process is lengthy and sometime tiresome but in the long run it is a fair return.