On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is the most crucial and critical part of web designing. Search engine is becoming smart to smarter lately. It is not limited only by relevant content, now it considers each and every small technicalities as well. The motto behind this is to provide the best results to the clients. Without proper on-page optimization one can never reach establish it’s position in the SERP. The main motto of a well equipped on-page optimization is to make a website user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

Title tag

Title tag is the most vital of SEO as it is the first thing that is displayed and indexed by Search engine. It is given the high priority as it is the first thing that appears in front of viewers, and they chose to visit your site over others. Naturally it has to be a head turner. It should equally be appealing to SERP to give it a good search engine ranking.

Meta tag optimization

Through a small piece we can establish our opinion about the product or the services. This is like a selling snippet. A well meta description catch the eye of the browser and curiosity grows to learn more. On the other hand an average written, meaningless mega tag drives away users from your website. It is very important to mention about the uniqueness of the brand to get more focus from your customer as well as from search engine.

HTML tags optimization

It is not only important but also necessary to highlight the most important parts of your webpage to attract as much traffic as possible. HTML tags helps to do so. SERP gives top priorities to the topics under header. Header1 is given the highest priority. It is mainly used for site’s title or header text. H2, H3 are also important. They separate content from overlapping into each other and make the user easy to find the sections which they are more interested in.

Keyword optimization

There should be a proper blending of content and keyword. If the website is stuffed with heavy keywords it is difficult for the user to concentrate on your webpage. Doing a keyword research is helpful to find the relevant keyword which will help to rank your position as well as giving more relevant information to the users.

Link optimization

Optimizing inbound and outbound link is very important to make the navigation easier for the user. At the same time broken link gives very bad impression to the users and creates a negative affect to the search engine ranking. It is important to use anchor text properly while linking to others.

Image optimization

Though search engine is becoming very intelligent. It still can’t read image as human do. while we put images always use proper alt tags, so that search engine can understand the images in it’s own way. It is imperative to use only relevant images as it’s loading time is much more than other stuffs. The images also plays an important role. More the pixels, more the loading time.

Speed optimization

In this fast pacing world a second delay creates a huge difference. A research shows that one second delay in loading results 11% less page views, customer satisfaction decreases by 16%.Taken all these into consideration it is safe to say one has to be extra careful while link building, image optimizing and other heavy loading stuffs.