SEO Audit

SEO Audit

SEO Audit starts as the website launched in the search Engine. Through Auditing we can evaluate the search engine friendliness through the website and find out all the issues and the recommendations . We often emphasize about other issues more than auditing, but tell you the truth like in real world without auditing we are lost . The same goes to virtual world as well. A well-organized proper auditing report is a must for SEO. An organized SEO gives us a better insight of the website, helps to find the strengths and weaknesses’ and shows the scope of improvement.

Now a days, there are many types of tools we can get in the market that helps to make SEO Audit report, like SEOQUACK, SEMRUSH etc. Though it makes SEO easier and saves time, but it is always better to do it manually. As we know, no matter how smart these tools are, they don’t understand thing the way human do. The tools have their certain limitations, can’t cover all the aspects of auditing. On the other hand, manually performed Auditing covers all the detailing which helps to create more suitable and better strategy .

The points need to be taken into accounts :

  • Title should not be too long or too short, it is better to write in between 45-65 characters.
  • Write the Mega description which is relevant. Meta description should be 140-170 characters.
  • Try to use H1 tag once, it is better to use H1-H6 tags.
  • Anchor the text, keeping in mind of the target audience.
  • Website should not have two three different URL for the same page
  • Always pick the right urls.
  • The density of focus keyword should be between .5-1.

An SEO Audit is like a health check of a website. With proper SEO auditing we can improve and make our website more search engine friendly.