Backlink is the most common term in SEO.Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. Those who workin this field it is impossible for them to show their back or ignore this factor of SEO Backlink. When a webpage links to any other page, backlink is created. We try every possible way to create as many as possible legal backlink for your website . keeping in mind, all the rules of SERP.

Lately, the SERP has changed it’s view about the links since it move to penguin algorithm. . In early days more backlink means better ranking in search engine. Now a days the importance is given more in quality that quantity. More priorities are given at the quality of the sites from where the websites are getting their links. We take extra care to choose the sites from where you can get organic backlinks as well as given emphasis on the contextual facts. Taking links from those sites which are not relevant to your website is pointless.

Importance of SEO Backlink


It is a must to get a higher rank in search engine, specially when a website get links in a an organic SERP get a good impression about the Web and its content.


For a newly developed website backlink helps immensely to Index a site as it makes search engine easily discover your site and crawl it properly.

Referral traffic

Backlink gets referral traffic, which usually have low bounce rate.

The ways to get quality Backlinks


The best way to get quality backlink is to write contents that is unique and meaningful. It will be appreciated by the high profile sites and your site will get plenty of links.

Blog writing

Do excellent commenting in blogs. This is an excellent way to get more traffic in a easy way.

Directory Submission

Though Directory submission is an easy way for back linking, but this days many illegal directories are created. Finding legal directory is difficult but not impossible, just have to be extra careful when searching one. Otherwise your web can get blocked.

The familiar terms of backlink are

Link juice

It is the term refers to the value passed from one site to another. Search engine treats it like a vote from website to other. It immensely helps in ranking.

Anchor link

It is very useful when we try to link a particular keyword, usually hyperlinks are anchor links.

Do-follow link

The links which are added into the blocks are Do-follow links.

No-follow link

These links are not useful as they don’t contribute the site in anyways.

Internal link

An Internal link is when a link goes from one page to another, within the same website.

Bad link

These are the sources of the link which causes trouble to your site. They don’t follow the guidelines. Using those links means creating bad impressions for your site. We always use extra caution for these kind of sites.