Content is the soul of a website. Without having a meaningful enticing content , a website is lifeless. It works as a bridge between the users and the businesses. A profound ,catchy content is a crowd-pleasure as it invites the customer to stop by and spent some time with the website. It is like a virtual replica of a business. In short, the main purpose of SEO friendly content writing is to attract as many traffic as possible.

Importance of SEO Friendly Content writing

Content writing is the most difficult part of SEO. It doesn’t need only creativity but also thoughtful analysis of the business. Before writing a writer has to perform different types of research like relevant key word search, looking at competitors key words, long tail, short tail key words, etc. The weakness and strength of competitor as well as client’s business. Taking all these into account, a meaningful content is created. In early days content packed with heavy keywords war more than enough for a top rank. On the other hand, the practice has changed completely. In fact, content stuffed with unnecessarily packed keywords get reward as penalty.

Content should always be catchy coupled with a wow factor. A content writer should always keep one thing in mind – who is the target audience . No matter how gorgeous the content looks or how enticing, if it fails to pull the right kind of traffic, everything becomes pointless. It needs a good survey along with a deep research about the target audience. To influence the right kind of audience it is important to get inside their mind. For instance if the target audience is middle class common person and the content is written with highly compact formal industrial words, it is nothing but a mumbo jumbo for them .

The goal of a SEO Friendly content writing :

It is safe to say when the users are browsing they should have the impact that the content is written for them. while writing giving a personal touch is not a bad idea. That way they will unconsciously connect with the site in other words -the organization. It is safe to say a content writer has to understand the target grouts age, financial condition, the language they use, their priorities and needs, what excites them and what makes them demoralized. In SEO friendly contain writing we look each and every aspect to make it search engine friendly but frankly speaking we write for our audience. If it does not reach the correct audience no matter how good the script is it ends up like a flop movie.

With that said, we should not forget our main goal. To bring as many as relevant traffic and turn them into potential buyers. We as SEO friendly content writers are getting paid from the organization, not doing it out of charity. Our main obligation is towards the business. There is no use if business gets no benefit from the content. The main objective of a content writer is to highlight the main selling point.It is often noticed business always emphasize about what and how but they outlook the most important fact is why whey are making the product or the services. To make the audience realize what difference does the product or service will make into their life. In addition what differentiate the particular organization from the rest of the industry.

The Quality of a SEO friendly Content writing :

SEO friendly content writing is an ongoing process. Business is changing rapidly through new technology and innovation. With the overwhelming usage of net nothing is hidden from the users. Nobody likes to go through the outdated stuffs. As the business evolves, contents also should represent the product or service in more modern way. Going one step ahead it is the duty of content writer to make user realize the benefit of the new features or the product. In this scenario  SEO friendly content writer plays a vital role. He/she can explain how it add value to the user, bring a meaningful change and why it is better than the competitor.

A well-written content should have the following qualities

  • Informational
  • Educational
  • Solid
  • Authentic
  • Fact-oriented
  • Meaningful
  • Enticing
  • Surprising
  • Wow-factor
  • Honest
  • High-Quality
  • Emotionally-connected
  • Thoughtful
  • Impactful
  • Value-added