A website is a mirror image of a company. Through a website a company showcase all it’s products or services. It becomes a must to browse before buying in this techno savvy era. Naturally customer will be tempted to those sites which are ranked in top position. To achieve that position there is no other way than a SEO friendly website development.

Unfortunately, business owner don’t care much about SEO until the website is done. They are too busy to see the other aspects like it’s design, looks, images and other aspects. Being busy doing all these they forger the most important part, that is traffic. No matter how breathtaking your website looks it is like running in the virtual place with a wooden leg. Without a properly developed SEO the visibility of your website in SERP is none. SEO is a path maker which guides the traffic to your desired destination ,that is your site. Business Sooner or later every business owner understand this truth, only it costs a whole load of time and double amount of money.

SEO Friendly Website Development

The first step to make a SEO friendly website is to create website in such a way that the search engine can crawl you site properly and get the clear idea of what you are doing.

You may have more than one domain , but it is important that all domain redirects to your primary domain

Every page should have unique title and description, which is good for both the user and the search engine. It helps to specify which page is about what and how they value

The look of the website is very important for the user. Having said that, without good content it means nothing to SERP. Images or videos are useless as far as Search engine point of view. Each page should be unique and important. There is no value of duplicate content in a website On that basis the ranking of the page will be little to none.

Link building is very important . Broken or unimportant link can cause hugely both for users and for search engine point of view.

A slow domain is a complete no for users as well as SERP. Fraction of delay is a turn off to your potential customer in this fast paced era. It is better to be situated based on your customer’s location. At the same time it gets better ranking in search engine algorithm rule

A website is the center of online or off line marketing. The advantage of SEO friendly website development is it makes your user navigation easier, get more organic traffic, rank your site in one of the top most position.

Why need SEO friendly website development team.

Some people may wonder why need a Web Design team. Hiring an expert in this field can create what we need, but we all know the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”. A single person can’t be expert in everything, some may be good at content writing, other in graphics. Therefore, a Web design team are made up of such professionals who knows their exact job. This is not unknown to other countries. Many foreign organization seek for help to our Web design Company .

SEO friendly website development team consists of

Information architect designer (IA)

The information architect designer is the originator of the website. IA jointly work with designer, developer and content specialists etc. They does the framework for the website. Information architecture is about helping people understand their surroundings and find what they’re looking for, in the real world as well as online. In other words what they customer need, how they want, where and when to reach the desired destination. IA is the link between all the various departments as well as the hirer of the team.

User Interface Designer (UI)

It is necessary to understand the target users, their goal, preferences, liking and disliking of the user. The following need to be considered to make a successful user interface.

    • The interface should be so simple that it is almost invisible to the user. The language should be easy to understand on message and labeling.
    • Typography should be carefully used. Size, fonts, and space between the words should be created carefully. Users does not like untidy, disorganized website.
    • Using carefully chosen color, texture, light and contrast can give an extra dimension to the webpage.
    • It is necessary to inform the user of actions, current location, changes in address and errors. The user should be always aware of future action, which makes a user more curious about the business.
    • The items should be placed in such a manner that the user’s attention can easily be drawn to the selling point of the product.
    • The structure of the website should be creative enough that it could create an impression in users mind.
    • Interface should be so simple that the user can go through the web page.

    User Experience Designer (UE)

    It focuses mainly on user satisfaction. A deep knowledge of what the user need, what they value, what are their abilities and also their limitations. It enhances the pleasure the use. Business goal is also taken consideration by UX designer.

    There are the followings to provide user meaningful services of SEO friendly website development:

      • Site must be easy to use.
      • Contents should be original and useful.
      • User need to identify their need with the product.
      • Communication should be clear and effective.
      • Content needs to be easily findable.
      • Navigation should be simple and easy even for the people with disabilities.
      • Consistency should be maintained throughout the system.
      • Interface behavior should be added.
      • It should be a trust building process between the user and the business.
      • Image should be used as an emotional tool to build repo with the business.

    Content specialist Designer

    The main job of a content specialist is preparing, organizing and loading of content. This person is responsible for maintaining standard of content. The content specialist should have basic knowledge of HTML/XMl.

    The followings are necessary for a content designer:

  • Should have strong copyright and editing skills.
  • Ensures the quality of the written content.
  • Should have a complete knowledge about the project and also the overall business.
  • Involves in linking, SEO and ad based strategies.
  • Need to work with content generation system.
  • Works with IA and UX in order to make a better website.
  • Also works with Keyword or meta- tagging.
  • Works may involve with media file such as audio/video.
  • Quality assurance tester (QA)

    The main job of a QA tester is to check whether the website meets the specific requirement.
    The followings are the job description of QA tester

  • Enhances company’s credibility.
  • Builds customers confidence.
  • Creates a long term relation between the company and the customer.
  • Helps the company to compete better with fellow competitors.
  • Improves company’s work process and efficiency.
  • Collects feedbacks.
  • It is a process that is repeated as necessary until the site is ready.
  • Server administrator

    Server administrator is a person in the company who is in control of all technical jobs.
    • Responsible for technical configuration.
    • Maintains the web server where the site will be hosted.
    • He fulfills the demand of the user within the budget.
    • Responsible for source control of the server.
    • In charge for deploying site updates.
    • Monitors the site and do whatever necessary to enhance the site performance.
    • Upgrades site software.

    Project Manager(PM)

    Project manager is a professional who coordinates all activities.
    The responsibilities of a PM is as follows
    • Measures project performance
    • Should have Knowledge about the different sectors
    • Works like a bridge between the company and the customers.
    • Deals with all stake holder if the company
    • Always keep monitoring the progress.
    • Create a comfortable environment where everyone can perform their role without stepping into each other’s shoes.

    These are the major area of a web development company to make a website work. We can proudly announce that we are more than capable of fulfilling of SEO friendly website development.