We all know how difficult Technical Content Writing is . There is a huge difference between regular technical writers and technical content writers. The main purpose of technical writing is to provide information to the audience. It could be boring but informative. Their job is not to entertain the audience. On the contrary, SEO content writing is completely a different genre.

In early days if one had a technically sound website with keyword stuffed page titles , structurally solid pages and contents full of keywords which was more than enough to get a good rank in the SERP. The fact of the matter is in these days search engine changed dramatically. In fact only a technically sound website can’t gain even a decent spot these days.

Why need a technical content writing

Technical writing does not pull the traffic anymore but it creates the road through which traffic can enter into your site.In one hand the search engine changed it’s position drastically on the other hand it becomes more strict and intolerance as far as SEO codes are concerned. Not to get blacklisted you have to comply each and every search engine rules and here comes the importance of Technical content writing. Tools and techniques of search engine is becoming more sophisticated and smarter now a days. Any kind of small mistakes can cause a huge damage for your site.

It is not unknown to us that very glamorous looking sites with good contents are not indexed in SERP. The reason is simple, they don’t follow the algorithm of search engine. To build an organic white hat website is not a piece of cake anymore. SEO content writer blends the technical and non-technical parts in such a way that it satisfies both the search engine as well as well as the audience. This is the reason why the business owner comes to the SEO experts.

Only a professional content writer can understand the complexity of the SERP. It is the basic requirement of the website. If the search engine can’t crawl or index your website there is no point of writing the world’s best content. This is not a matter of joke but the fact. If the foundation is not right no matter how beautiful your design is it is of no use.

The few things that a technical content writer needs to taken care of:

Loading time is a very important and vital factor. Seconds of delay could cause a major ranking difference in SERP at the same time it is a turn-off for users. A content writer has to be extra careful about the images and other media files which could slow down the loading time.

URL’s should be as short as possible. off course the numbers should follow the search engine algorithm.

The another challenge of content writer is it should be mobile friendly, for that the website should use responsive design, images should be centrally aligned and CTAs are trappable in contents.

It is especially important to include XML sitemap so that it becomes easier to find and understand the content.

We, as professional SEO specialist very well understand how important it is to rank your site in the top position. If you come to us you won’t go empty-handed. We will exceed your expectation and that’s a promise.